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We are proud to present the new powerful game making tool – GameStudioHX.

GameStudioHX is developed in open source technologies: Haxe, openFL and nape framework. One of the key features of this software is that you can create game once and publish it for any target supported by openFL: android, iOS, windows, html5, flash, ouya, blackberry, linux… Initially, GameStudiHX was developed for personal needs, but it has grown into a serious tool for creating games. User interface is very simple and familiar (mostly photoshop-alike), and there are video tutorials on youtube for almost every feature if this tool. Check out these videos, leave us a comment and sign up on for an early beta version and try it for you self.


This video shows most of the features of the GameStudiHX, such as:

  • Integrated physics engine
  • Simple user interface
  • Use of Haxe, openFL, nape (optimized for mobile and web)
  • Integrated spritesheet editor
  • Integrated particle editor
  • Scripting
  • Brush (spritesheet type)
  • Parallax scrolling and camera
  • Shape library
  • Import/export to SVG
  • Import/export to Adobe Illustrator
  • Multiple levels

and much much more…

This video shows how easy the game making can be

You can learn how to work with GameStudioHX with this tutorial

And here are all lessons linked to youtube videos (they will be opened in a separate window):

  1. Introduction

  2. New project

  3. Body types

  4. Layers panel

  5. Right click

  6. Left toolbar

  7. Predefined shapes

  8. Custom shapes

  9. Optimization

  10. Joints

  11. Demo

  12. Shape library

  13. Polygon operations

  14. Body from bitmap

  15. Particle editor

  16. Texture packer

  17. Inner decorations (GFX)

  18. Materials

  19. Object buffer

  20. Style buffer

  21. Chain tool

  22. Level settings

  23. Object groups

  24. Brush tool

  25. Camera

  26. Parallax scrolling


Link to GameStudioHX download page:



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  1. WOW, this is a great tool!

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