The Running Snake is Addictive Jumping Time Killer Game.










★ How Long can you Run?
★ Ride Your Snake and Make It Fly High!

★★★ Running Snake FEATURES:

★ Endless game play. A match will never be the same twice!
★ Great Time Killer Game
★ Outstanding Graphics & Audio
★ Collectables (Candies, Cakes, Gummy Bears)
★ Specials (Super Flies, Infected Mushrooms, Chili Peppers, Scoops…)
★ Extra Jumpers (Mommy, Sheepy, Horsey, Froggy, UFOey, Nyan Piggy…)
★ Local & Global Scoring
★ Facebook Score Sharing (VERY SOON!)

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Antoni Jerinic
Marko Milic
Vujadin Krtolica

Design, Music & Sfx:
Nikola Tomic / Nykk Deetronic

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